Nothing, really nothing is simple!


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Since more than 25 years we are engaged in innovations and industrial property rights for inventors, company's founders and individuals looking for news with unique selling points. In this time we look back on more than 2000 patents and patent applications.

What can be more expedient as to support you by offering own inventions or by transforming your ideas in serial products.

We offer or develop news of our own accord and hold them ready gratuitously until market launch by your efforts or we act as inventor and innovation manager by your order.

Our spectrum covers the creation of news in:

Medicine, dentistry, security technology, communication technology, process technology, image processing, joining technology as well as in microprocessor technology, genetics and gene technology. By all these we are looking permanently for new diagnostic and therapeutical possibilities and technical tasks. And in many of these points we realize extraordinary solutions mostly within few weeks.

We watch as much prior art as we notice consumer needs and future trends. In doing so we combine expert knowledge with scientific findings in the recent past. For there is no place for reveries and speculations we base our work on substantiated feasibility studies and serious cost-benefit analysis. This was and is our credo.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Dr. Hans Schreiber